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Update on goddess locs (wrap method)

My decision on the wrap method of goddes loveπŸ˜’πŸ˜©
Well as you guys know I've used the wrap technique to do my goddess locs just to see rather the technique will cause issues. Since its seven days before the official month I do have some information around the wrap technique. Okay with me knowing my hair type (thin and coarse) i can honestly say that the wrap technique for faux love is not suitable for thin hair for the simple fact that it causes the wrapped hair to pull on my natural hair. So in all my decision on the wrap method is a definite no...I think its better for my hair to use the crochet method to install my faux locs.☺πŸ‘Œ

Here are the disadvantage of the wrapped goddess faux locs

So since I've put my locs in my hair in the beginning of the month I have come to realize that moisturizing my hair was a little challenging...granted I have oils to use on my hair I realized I couldn't moisturize the ends of my hair which is a reoccurring issue I've been having which…

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